maximice events group gives one extra holiday week to all employees

When hearing the words Corporate Social Responsibility, the first thing that comes to most people's minds is the conservation of our natural environment.

Yes, taking care of our natural environment and reducing pollutions of any kind is a very important part of CSR. But it involves so much more. For us, the most important part of our Corporate Social Responsibility is the people who work with us. They are the foundation of any company and are therefore the most important element of being  socially responsible.

We do our best to reach the goals that we set in order to be more responsible with our social environment. We are aware that the past two years have not been easy for the people in our sector and we at maximice events group would like to show how much we appreciate the effort, support and professionalism of our employees by giving them the most valuable thing there is: time!

That is why we decided to give all our employees one extra week of vacation this year so they can take a longer break from the current turmoil, recharge their batteries to the fullest and start the year 2022 with new and positive energy.

Happy holidays and see you all in 2022!